Who are We and Why Choose our Counselling Service ?

Welcome to Study Over Borders. I am Geoffroy Gobilliard, director of this agency that offers free and personalized counselling services to people of all ages who want to study a language in immersion in a foreign country.

Whether you want to improve your language skills in order to gain access to new career opportunities, to pursue higher education or for any other reason, you will greatly profit from our professional expertise.

Why you can trust our service and why it will be beneficial to you?

☞ Our EXPERIENCE: I have been working in the language studies industry for over 15 years

☞ Our EXPERTISE: I am an ICEF Certified Advisor (international network of agencies specialized in education counselling)

SECURITY of payments: You will pay directly the language school where you choose to study (no payment goes through our agency)

QUALITY of the programs: We only collaborate with language schools that are accredited in their respective countries

☞ You will SAVE TIME: It can be laborious and time consuming to look for a language school and to choose between so many existing options

☞ You will SAVE MONEY: Our agency has access to special promotions from the language schools we collaborate with

CONVENIENCE: We can counsel you no matter where you live in the world

FREE OF CHARGE: Our expert counselling service is completely free: registering to a program through our agency doesn’t entail any additional cost

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: Read reviews from our past customers

As you will notice, we hardly ever mention prices on our website. The main reason is that prices vary depending on certain factors such as the time of year or the student’s country of origin. So the best is to contact us so we send you all the information about the program you are interested in, including prices and start dates.

Regarding immigration procedures, these depend on your country of origin and the destination where you want to take a language course. Most likely, you will need to apply for a tourist visa or a study visa. We will be able to give you recommendations based on our experience. However, as we are not accredited immigration specialists, we will always advise you to consult directly with the immigration services of the country where you are interested in studying.

Finally, you might be interested to know that, in some of the countries where we represent language schools, you will have the possibility to work while you study the local language (with a student visa). We can also give you some advice on this matter.

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