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Want to learn English in Auckland? Receive free expert advice ✓Prices of English courses in Auckland ✓Prerequisites ✓Work ✓Accommodation (optional) ✓Dates. You will be able to see here some of the available options and you will surely find the answers to many of your questions. But contact us so that we can send you more details, including program prices.

Accredited English Courses in Auckland for Adults

The language school offers the following course options for learning English in Auckland.

Intensive General English Courses in Auckland for Adults

The General English course can be taken with 20, 24 or 30 lessons per week. With 20 lessons per week (4 lessons per day in the mornings from Monday to Friday) you will have the opportunity to improve your communication skills. And you will put them into practice in different situations of everyday life. The first two English lessons focus on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. And the next two lessons deal with writing, listening, reading, and talking. Teaching is done with the help of concrete didactic materials (newspapers and magazines), daily exercises and a textbook. With 30 lessons per week (6 lessons per day from Monday to Friday) you will take the same English lessons in the morning. And during the afternoon lessons you will deepen what you have learned in the morning. These will allow you to improve your fluency while learning more about the customs and traditions of New Zealanders. This is a very good option to make greater progress in less time. The English school in Auckland also offers a course of 24 lessons per week. This includes 6 lessons per day on Mondays and Tuesdays, and 4 lessons per day from Wednesday to Friday. If you have at least one elementary level you can start any Monday of the year. For absolute beginners there are start dates one Monday per month. Lessons last 50 minutes and there are a maximum of 16 students per class.

Business English Courses in Auckland

The intensive course of 30 lessons per week also offers the opportunity to focus during the afternoons on communication skills in the field of business. It is the ideal option for those who have already entered the world of work or for those who wish to seek a profession in the commercial industries. You must have a minimum intermediate level to be able to enroll in this Business English course in Auckland. The duration of this course is from 1 to 12 weeks. The course consists of modules of one week each. These can be chosen according to your goals and interests. Examples of modules: sales and negotiation, marketing, advertising, banking, finance, etc.

Dates and prices

Preparation courses for English exams

The language school for learning English in Auckland also offers preparation programmes for the following exams:


These exams are recognized in all countries where English is spoken. In many companies one of these tests is required to be able to be used and mandatory in the majority of universities and institutions of higher education. The IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC preparation course is part of the intensive course (30 lessons per week).

Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English)

This is the most well-known Cambridge degree. The lessons will prepare you for the 5 subjects of the exam: grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Cambridge CAE (Certificate of Advanced English)

This degree is at the level above the FCE and is recommended for those who need English in their work.

Cambridge CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English)

This is the most advanced Cambridge exam and is required to be able to enroll in universities in the UK. It is obviously also recognized by many companies.

Dates and prices

Preparation workshops to work

In New Zealand the student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours per week. However, there are conditions. The main one is that you must register for an English course of at least 20 hours per week for at least 14 weeks. Finding a part-time paid job is the student’s sole responsibility if they wish to work. The English school in Auckland therefore does not place students in positions. However, it offers a “job club” that offers the following services:

  • Help in writing the curriculum vitae
  • Training for interviews
  • Assistance in obtaining an IRD number
  • Focus on where to look for work in New Zealand

It should be recognized that the positions that international students find in most cases are positions at the bottom of the ladder in the service industry. Most of the time these are positions in restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, farms, etc. It is also important to know that you will not be able to depend on a potential job to pay for your English course in Auckland and your daily expenses. Indeed, the total cost of the program must be paid to the language school before leaving for New Zealand. Moreover it must even be paid before applying for the visa (there is obviously a refund in case of refusal of the visa). In addition, to obtain the student visa you will have to prove that you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay. The amount to be demonstrated is N$1,250 per month, in addition to the English course and the round-trip flight.

Description of the language school to learn English in Auckland

The English school in Auckland welcomes international students throughout the year. She is part of a group created in 1965, an experience that guarantees you a high quality teaching. The Language Academy is located in the centre of the city near Myers Park. And the classrooms have a view of the park. It is therefore easily accessible by public transport, and close to various tourist and recreational attractions. Students come from a wide variety of countries (about 17 different nationalities in general). The school has a computer room, a prayer room, a small bookstore, and a lounge to relax with refrigerator, microwave and hot drinks dispenser. The city of Auckland offers a lot of activities: Maori and Polynesian art exhibitions, sports, wine tastings, hiking, etc.

Accommodation during your language stay in Auckland

The language school for learning English in Auckland offers various accommodation options to its students. However, you are free to arrange your accommodation by yourself if you wish. Many students book accommodation through the school for the first few weeks of their stay. This ensures that they have a place to stay when they arrive, and then they look for another option on their side. For example, they are looking for an apartment, private or shared with other people with whom they have sympathized. Among the options offered by the English school, the most popular is the homestay. It is indeed the best option to mix with the local population and learn their culture. The school also has a student residence located a 5-minute walk away.

Language school to learn English in AucklandEnglish Courses in Auckland for Adults

Other language study abroad options in Auckland

How much does it cost to stay in Auckland to learn English?

Depending on the school, course prices may vary depending on the nationality of the students. By the way, the English school in Auckland described above offers discounts for people from many countries, including France. The French can indeed benefit from discounts of up to 25% of the regular price. In addition, some academies offer seasonal promotions, so the time of year you book the course can also play on the cost. Please contact us so that we can send you the costs that will apply to your language stay, including the prices of English courses in Auckland with accommodation. And of course, your standard of living, and therefore your consumption habits, will also influence the cost of your English language stay in Auckland. We therefore advise that you inquire about the prices of daily living in Auckland.

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