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Want to learn English in Brighton? Receive free expert advice ✓Price of English courses in Brighton ✓Prerequisites ✓Dates ✓Accommodation (optional) ✓Can I work? You will be able to see here some of the available options and you will surely find the answers to many of your questions. But contact us so that we can send you more details, including program prices.

Accredited English Courses in Brighton for Adults

You can start most English classes in Brighton any Monday. All lessons are 50 minutes long and there are never more than 15 students per class. The minimum age is 16 years. The language school for learning English in Brighton offers the following course options:

Intensive English Courses in Brighton for Adults

For this course you can choose between 20, 24 or 30 lessons per week. You should choose according to your learning objectives, your availability of time, and of course your budget. Morning lessons focus on deepening basic language skills. These are pronunciation, reading, writing, conversation, vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension. The course of 20 lessons per week includes only these lessons. And afternoons serve to improve fluidity and reinforce the points learned in the morning. In addition, during the courses you will learn about the mores and culture of the United Kingdom.

Business English Courses in Brighton

In the morning you will have the same lessons as those of the general course of 20 lessons per week. And the afternoon lessons focus on the practice of business English, that is, in a business context. Thus, the English school in Brighton offers each week a different module of 10 lessons. These Business English modules are: International Trade; development of leadership skills and creation of work teams; effective communication through presentations; decision-making; motivation and delegation; marketing and advertising; e-commerce; technology and innovation; banking operations; stock market; mergers and acquisitions; effective communication in work meetings; job interviews; business law; ethics and environmental issues; effective communication in sales and negotiations; administrative management styles in international companies.

Dates and prices

Exam Preparation

The English School in Brighton can help you prepare for the following exams:

  • Cambridge First Certificate in English FCE (intermediate level required)

  • TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS (intermediate or advanced level required)

English courses with academic objective for adults

This program of 30 lessons per week is designed for individuals who wish to pursue graduate studies at an English-speaking university. Indeed, it provides them with the necessary tools and vocabulary to be able to achieve this goal.

Private English Lessons in Brighton

This is the ideal option for those who need to take truly personalized lessons. And it’s also the best option if you need to make significant progress in a very limited amount of time.

Programme “English studies + unpaid work placement ” (only for citizens of the European Community)

The first part of this program is a course of 30 lessons per week for a minimum of 4 weeks. However, it is mandatory to reach an intermediate-higher level before the internship. So, depending on your current level*, you may need to study more than 4 weeks. And the second part is an unpaid work experience of at least 4 weeks. However, it is much easier to find interesting internships for longer durations, from 3 to 6 months. *The language academy will assess your level before registering. The school also offers a program with placement in paid positions. But these are still basic level positions (at the bottom of the scale) in the service industry.

Dates and prices

Description of the language school to learn English in Brighton

The bustling coastal city of Brighton is best known for its famous wharf and caramels. But it also offers many opportunities for entertainment. Indeed, it has many restaurants, bars and shops in addition to its coastal charm. It is therefore a lively and welcoming destination for students of all ages and backgrounds who wish to practice their English. The English school in Brighton is ideally located in a Victorian-style building in a residential area. And it is only 5 minutes from the beach. It is very easy to access from any part of the city given the proximity of public transport. There are seven modern classrooms and a study room with free internet access. The socio-cultural program includes activities such as: parties, barbecues, night outings to restaurants or bars. And the school also organises excursions for those who want to explore other parts of the UK and Europe.

Accommodation during your language stay in Brighton

The language school to learn English in Brighton can help you arrange accommodation by:

  • Local host family (Homestay)
  • Shared apartment
  • Residence or hostel

But you are free to look for another option on your own if you prefer.

Language school to learn English in BrightonEnglish courses in Brighton for adults

Other language course options in Brighton

How much does a language stay in Brighton cost to learn English?

In many cases, course prices are different depending on the nationality of the students. The English school in Brighton described above offers for example discounts for people from various countries, including the French. The latter can actually benefit from discounts of up to 33% of the normal price. In addition, there are sometimes seasonal promotions, so the time of year you book the course can also vary the cost. Please contact us so that we can send you the costs that will apply to your language stay, including the prices of English courses in Brighton with accommodation. And of course, your standard of living, and therefore your consumption habits, will affect the cost of your English language stay in Brighton. We therefore advise that you inquire about the prices of daily living in Brighton.

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