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Language course for children and teenagers in Eastbourne

The English Language Course for Young People in Eastbourne accepts children and teenagers from 8 to 17 years old. And it runs from late June to mid-August. This is a fully supervised summer language camp that offers an entertaining English language learning experience. Indeed, it combines English lessons for children and teenagers in Eastbourne with organized sports, activities, and excursions. The language camp in Eastbourne takes place in a residential area of the city, which is called Meads. It is close to the city centre and South Downs. Facilities include: an indoor heated swimming pool, tennis courts, collective harbour courts, a gymnasium, a social centre. And there is also a drama studio, a cooking class room, a conference room and computer labs.

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English courses for children and teenagers in Eastbourne:

The English school is accredited by the British Council and focuses on communication. The goal is therefore to achieve fluency and in this way gain confidence with the language. Teaching consists of 15 hours of lessons per week, in classes of up to 14 students. These are available at all levels, from total beginner to advanced. And the learning process extends beyond the classrooms as young foreigners integrate with each other and therefore have to communicate in English. The language academy always tries to limit the number of people per class with the same original language. The idea is of course that English is the only common language and that children speak it at all times. The teachers assess the children’s level of English upon arrival (oral and written exam) in order to place them in a suitable group. All levels are accepted and there is a follow-up of progress throughout the language stay for young people in Eastbourne. At the end of the English summer camp, each participant receives a certificate of attendance and a report card. In addition, he will receive advice from his teacher to continue to improve his skills when he returns home. Looking for an English language camp in Eastbourne with even more intensive courses? It is possible, for an additional cost, to add five lessons per week (one per day). These additional lessons can be in groups, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, communication, pronunciation, reading and writing.

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Accommodation during the English language stay for young people in Eastbourne:

Los dormitories are very comfortable, and they have rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds. There are a few rooms with more beds (for the little ones in general) and a few single rooms (usually for the older ones). The rooms, some with sea views, are very clean and well maintained. In each building there is a living room where young people can watch TV or movies, listen to music, relax, read, etc. Employees, both professional and experienced, also live in the residence to ensure vigilance and safety 24 hours a day. And there is a first aid team always present on campus. Please note that it is only possible to register for the day language camp, i.e. without staying overnight. The options are as follows:

  • Only English courses (15 hours per week)
  • English courses + afternoon activities
  • English courses + afternoon and evening activities + half-day excursion

Activities to complement English courses for children and teenagers in Eastbourne:

In the afternoons there is a choice between 5-8 activities (of which at least 2 are non-sporting). For example: football, basketball, swimming, rugby, hockey, baseball, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, water polo, aerobics, trampoline, cooking, board games, theater, ballad on the beach, etc. All young people must participate in an activity. Every Friday afternoon they have the opportunity to visit the centre of Eastbourne or go to the beach. And on Friday evening there is a barbecue followed by a dance party.

Excursions in addition to the English language camp in Eastbourne:

Excursions change weekly and are usually organized on Wednesdays and Sundays. The programme includes a full day tour of a London tourist attraction, as well as other places of general interest. Examples of excursions:

  • London museums and bus tour of monuments like Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, etc.
  • Seven Sisters and Cuckmere Haven. This tour includes a stroll through the picturesque countryside to the beach. And it also includes various activities to choose from, such as building wooden rafts, mountain biking, climbing on a wall, etc.
  • Hampton Court Palace, boat ride and free time in Kingston.
  • Hastings: Smugglers Caves, Blue Reef Aquarium, Hastings Castle and the history of 1066, and free time at the beach or for shopping.
  • Train to London, walk to Buckingham Palace to take pictures, lunch in St James’s Park, assistance with the Wicked musical performance and free time for shopping and dinner.
  • Castle of Hever, its lands and its labyrinth.
  • London Eye, Thames cruise, Westminster ride and shopping.
  • Thorpe Amusement Park.
  • Oxford: walking, shopping and barge ride (optional).
  • Brighton: tourism, beach and shopping.
  • Westminster Abbey tour, sightseeing and shopping.

Intensive practice of a sport during the language stay for young people in Eastbourne:

The English language camp in Eastbourne already includes a variety of sports activities. However, for an additional cost, it is possible to receive more intensive training in a specific sport. This option is available regardless of the level in the sport that the child wishes to practice. And these sports are supervised by professional and qualified instructors in each field. The language course for young people in Eastbourne offers the following sports:

  • Sailing/canoeing (for teenagers aged 12 and over): two hours three afternoons per week.
  • Windsurfing (for teenagers 12 years and older): two hours three afternoons per week.
  • Tennis: two hours three afternoons a week.
  • Golf: two hours three afternoons per week (lessons in small groups or individuals).
  • Equitación: one-hour sessions three afternoons a week.
  • Mountain biking: two hours three afternoons a week.
  • Football academy: two hours three afternoons a week. Most weeks the school organizes visits to stadiums (Chelsea, Arsenal, etc.) in addition to this option (for an additional cost).
  • Dance Academy: two hours three afternoons per week. Most weeks the school organizes workshops at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios in addition to this option (for an additional cost).
  • Music lessons (individual lessons): six hours a week with the instrument of your choice (acoustic or electric guitar, percussion, saxophone, piano, etc.).

Summer camp with English courses for young people in Eastbourne

Other programs:

The same English school offers the following language programs for children and teenagers:

  • Language camp in Kent County. This English summer camp takes place in the countryside, 20 minutes from Royal Tunbridge Wells, and accepts foreign teenagers from 11 to 17 years old. This destination offers training in the following sports: windsurfing (12 years and older), sailing/canoeing (12 years and over), tennis, mountain biking, football academy, dance academy.
  • Summer language study in Eastbourne for young people from 17 years old. This program includes English lessons (15, 20 or 25 hours per week), accommodation (in residence, apartment or host family), and various activities. The latter are reserved directly on site, once in Eastbourne.
  • Family program, with English courses for parents and children (3 to 7 years, 8 to 12 years, 13 to 16 years). English lessons take place at the same time so that everyone finishes at the same time. The English school also offers accommodation options that can accommodate the whole family. And it is possible to register for the same activities and excursions as those of the language camp.

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English courses in Eastbourne for children (3-5 years old)

These English courses for children in Eastbourne are specially designed for children from 3 to 5 years old. The English school is located on an elevated plot close to the city centre and therefore offers a view of the sea. The nearest airport is Gatwick Airport, less than an hour’s drive away; heathrow is an hour and a half away.

English lessons for children in Eastbourne, England

The lessons use a “Play and Learn” method. The teachers are all qualified and have experience in teaching very young children. They design the courses to be fun and perfectly suited to this age group. There are 15 lessons per week, divided into 3-hour sessions, with a maximum of 6 children per class. The academy also offers the opportunity for breakfasts to have lunch on site and participate in activities specially designed for them in the afternoon. For example, the school organizes the following activities: dance, children’s park, hula hoop, handicrafts, beach games, drawing and coloring, and much more. By participating in these activities, they will continue to be immersed in the English language and maximize their learning.

Dates and prices

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