English Courses and Camps for Kids/Teens in New York

Are you looking for English courses or a language stay for young people in New York? Receive free expert advice ✓Prices ✓Dates (summer/winter) ✓Prerequisites ✓Accommodation (optional). You will be able to see some of the available options here, but contact us so that we can send you more complete information, including program prices.

Language course for children and teenagers in New York

This English language camp in New York accepts teenagers from 13 to 17 years old*. In summer it takes place from the end of June to the beginning of August, and in winter in January.

*We have an agreement with another English academy in New York, in the Bronx on a closed and very safe campus. This other school also offers language stays for young people in New York during the summer. And it accepts teenagers from 11 to 17 years old. On the other hand, we work with another language school that offers English courses for children and teenagers from 6 years old during the summer. However, children between the age of 6 and 11 must be accompanied to the United States by a parent or legal guardian. Contact us to receive the details. And if you’re looking for a full language summer camp (which includes accommodation) in the United States, we work with a few in Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco that accept little ones from 7 years old.

English course for young people in New YorkLanguage Holiday Camp in New York

Facilities of the language camp for teenagers in New York:

The facilities are excellent with very comfortable accommodation, in double or triple rooms. This language course for young people in New York includes meals. There are three meals a day on weekdays and on weekends a brunch replaces breakfasts and lunches. There is continuous supervision (24 hours a day) of the employees of the English school, which was established in 1973.

The English language camp takes place on the New Rochelle campus. It is located in Westchester County, a 30-minute train ride from Midtown Manhattan Central Station. However, the language camps of “Dance” and “Summer Adventures” take place in Manhattan itself.

Dates and prices

Organization of English courses for children and teenagers in New York

English lessons for teenagers in New York:

10 lessons of 45 minutes (7.5 hours) per week are dedicated to learning the language. These take place in the morning from 9am to 10:30am and there are a maximum of 15 students per classroom.

English courses focus on improving oral skills. This is done through presentations, paired homework, and group activities. And workshops and outings supervised by school staff also enhance the level of conversation in English.

Optional subjects of English courses for teens in New York:

The particularity of this language stay for young people in New York is that teenagers can choose an optional subject. A subject consists of 10 lessons per week, in addition to English lessons, according to their preference and interests. The workshops and outings are directly related to the optional subject chosen. The goal will always be to practice English in different contexts, explore a new city, make new friends, and experience memorable moments.

Summer camp with English courses for young people in New York

The optional subjects available as part of the English language stay for young people in New York are as follows:

  • Art and design:

Topics covered and excursions: New York galleries, photography in the city, famous local artists, Pop Art, MoMA, International Center of Photography, Street Art, city architecture tour, Art Deco, Art Museum.

  • Fashion:

Topics covered and excursions: the emergence and success of famous designers, celebrity design, visual marketing, culture and style, in the head of a designer, visits to trade shows, warehouses, jewelry making.

  • American Sports:

Topics covered and excursions: history of baseball/basketball/American football, a million-dollar market, the effects of sports on the culture of the United States, sports at the university level, visit to Madison Square Garden, basics of climbing or beach volleyball, professional baseball game.

  • Cinema:

Topics covered and excursions: famous places where films were shot in New York, genres of cinema, effects of camera angles and position, frame-by-frame animation, the science behind 3D animation, Sony Wonder Tech Lab, Museum of Image and Movement.

  • Broadway:

Topics covered and excursions: role and intention, foundations of improvised theatre, monologues and auditions, Broadway shows, behind-the-scenes tour of Radio City Music Hall, visit to an independent teatro, rehearsal of monologues in Central Park, Open Mic evenings.

  • Leadership:

Topics covered and excursions: great leaders, interview skills, how to make a perfect presentation, promising careers, intercultural communication, visit to the United Nations, interview sessions, NYU journey, Malcolm X Museum.

  • Dance (with accommodation at Marymount College):

This English language camp in New York City includes dance classes 3 days a week at the Broadway Dance Center in Times Square. It is possible to choose from the following styles: ballet, jazz/contemporary dance, musical theatre, hip-hop, tap, Pilates, Active Isolated Flexibility. The themes covered are: the language of dance, dance culture in New York, dance-related professions, choreography.

  • Summer Adventures (with accommodation at Marymount College):

Teens enjoy fun activities and excursions without interruption in New York City. For example: game nights, Broadway shows, shopping on 5th Avenue, visiting the Statue of Liberty. And they will be able to choose from the following optional subjects: current events and means of communication, culture eventos actuales y medios de comunicación, cultura hip-hop and New York, neighborhoods of New York and their history, university life in the USA.

Dates and prices

Sites of interest

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