English Courses and Camps for Kids/Teens in Toronto

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Language study for children and teenagers in Toronto

The English school offers full language immersion stays for young people in Toronto*, from the end of June to mid-August. They are designed for foreign children and teenagers from 7 to 17 years old who wish to learn or improve their English as a foreign language. And the same language school also offers similar programs in Vancouver, Miami and New York.

*It is also possible to register only for the day language camp, i.e. without accommodation. This one runs from 9am to 6pm.

The school offers two types of language stays for young people in Toronto, depending on age. There is a language camp for children from 7 to 13 years old and another for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old. Both programs take place during the summer on a university campus (University of Toronto Campus), where security is provided 24 hours a day. The employees of the language camp in Toronto live with the young people on campus and are at their disposal at all times.

English course for young people in TorontoSummer camp with English courses for young people in Toronto

Both types of summer camps combine morning English lessons with a wide variety of excursions and social, cultural and recreational activities. These take place in the afternoon, evening and weekend, always under the continuous supervision of the monitors. The programs are created to bring children and teenagers a unique experience. And they are encouraged to make independent decisions and develop their skills to deal with everyday problems.

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English courses during the language stay for children and teenagers in Toronto:

Summer English courses for young people in Toronto consist of 20 classes of 50 minutes per week. There are therefore 4 daily lessons, from Monday to Friday, with an average of 14 to 15 students per class. The teachers are qualified and there are five different levels of teaching. The formation of the groups is done according to the English skills, determined through an examination carried out every Monday. And teachers also take into consideration the nationality and age of children and adolescents.

The first three daily lessons focus on writing, reading, comprehension and grammar. The fourth lesson is an elective class that focuses more on the practical aspect of the English language. For example, it can be drama, journalism, etc.

Accommodation during the language stay for young people in Toronto:

Participants of the language camp in Toronto are accommodated in the university’s student residence. Each room has a single bed, chest of drawers, shelves, desk and chair. In the residence there is access to internet and washing machines. Participants cannot leave campus without being accompanied by a staff member or group leader.

Activities combined with English courses for young people:

The activity program takes place every day of the week. It is designed taking into consideration the age and interests of the participants. In general, the activities take place in the afternoon or evening after the English lessons, and on weekends for full days. Expert coordinators lead all activities and excursions.

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Language Summer Camp in Toronto

English courses for children and teenagers in Toronto all year round

The Institute is a private high school located in central Toronto, near the University of Toronto. Its programs are designed to ensure that students reach their academic, personal and social potential. The school provides personalized support to those who wish to be admitted to a university or college.

The academy has existed since 1995 and welcomes local students, as well as foreigners. There is therefore a particular approach focused on familiarizing, understanding and forlering other cultures, histories and languages. In addition, the philosophy of education is based on the principles of personal autonomy, responsibility and excellence.

“Elite English” program for foreign teenagers from 13 to 19 years old:

The objective of this program is to train teens to speak with safety, fluidity and tranquility. On the other hand, the objective is also to improve the level of English in an academic context. The instructors the school employs have teaching diplomas, experience and are members of the Ontario College of Teachers.

There are different lessons available depending on the level of the student:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Development of literacy in English
  • Conventional English
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Etc

Features of this intensive English program:

  • 25 hours of standard instruction per week
  • 2 hours of Business English seminars (plus homework)
  • English lessons for teens in Toronto take place Monday to Friday
  • Start dates all sessions (sessions last about 9 weeks)

The full program includes:

  • Registration
  • Legal custody
  • Round-trip transfer from the airport
  • Search for a host family
  • Single room with 3 meals per day
  • Medical insurance
  • Materials for English courses
  • Graduation certificate

It is also possible to only take classes and participate in activities. Accommodation with a host family is therefore optional.

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Language Camp for Teens in TorontoEnglish Courses for Teens in Toronto

Activities to complement English classes for teens in Toronto:

The school is proud to be considered a second family by its students. And she organizes fun and enriching activities to encourage teens to make the most of the youth language stay in Toronto.

An employee of the academy who has been trained supervises all the activities offered. They are a great way to make new friends and practice English outside of the classroom. Youth are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible. Since the focus is mostly on the academic side, professors and staff ensure that they have time to participate in activities while having enough time to study.

There are different clubs within the college that students can join throughout the year. These include, for example, the student council, the computer club, the drama club, or the photography club. In addition, each student can create a new club if there is not one that corresponds to his interests.

Every Tuesday after school the school organizes an excursion to an event or site in Toronto. Young people go out for dinner, theater, bowling, a sporting event, or an attraction such as the CN Tower.

Every Thursday evening is dedicated to a sporting activity. For example, teens play football, basketball, or some other sport. In addition, the school organizes monthly tournaments and encourages those who do not wish to participate to come and see their friends.

Excursions of the language course for young people in Toronto:

All year round there are full-day excursions organized on weekends. These include walks to Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland amusement park, Toronto Zoo, etc.

Finally, once a month there is a thematic day in which all classes participate. The goal is to ensure that youth get the most out of their language experience in Toronto.

Accommodation during English courses for teenagers in Toronto:

Over the years the college has developed an extensive network of warm and open host families. Experience shows that living with a host family who speaks English allows you to learn the language faster. In addition, a host family is the perfect way to integrate into a new culture.

The school’s commitments are as follows:

  • It will place the teen in a welcoming and open family that has been visited in person and inspected beforehand.
  • All families undergo regular criminal background checks.
  • The majority of families live 30-50 minutes from the institute, with easy access by public transport.
  • The student will have a single room furnished, with internet, and 3 meals per day.
  • It may be that, for whatever reason, the teen has problems with the family. In this case, he can simply notify the coordinator who will propose solutions and possibly change his family.

Dates and prices

These language stays for young people in Toronto are organized by language schools that are accredited by Languages Canada. This means that they adhere to strict standards and are committed to enforcing them.

Language study for teens in Toronto

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