English Courses and Camps for Kids/Teens in Vancouver

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Language course for children and teenagers in Vancouver

The language school has been offering these language immersion stays for young people in Vancouver since 1993, during the summer and during the winter. They offer top-quality education, entertainment and a warm welcome to young people from all over the world. The private school that organizes them receives each year more than 2500 international students in its programs for adults and juniors. These language camps help children and adolescents develop self-confidence, an adventurous and curious spirit, and an appreciation for cultural diversity. And at the same time as they learn English, young people make new friends from more than 25 different countries. This will allow them to know, understand, and appreciate people of diverse races and cultures. in addition, they will learn to adapt and appreciate the globalization of the world in which they live.

Organization of the language camp with English courses for children and teenagers in Vancouver:

Youth must use the English language at all times. For the lessons they are grouped according to their age and level of English. All levels are accepted, from total beginner to advanced). And for the activities the employees group them taking into consideration the age and the sex.

English course for young people in VancouverSummer camp with English courses for young people in Vancouver

During the summer (from the end of June to mid-August*) two different programs are available:

Language course in Vancouver for children from 7 to 12 years old:

Talented and loving instructors instruct, inspire and guide children in discovery, learning and success. And this is done while they are having unforgettable experiences.

Language study in Vancouver for teenagers aged 13 to 17:

Qualified instructors guide teens to learn new skills and improve those they already have. They also help them discover talents they didn’t know each other. In addition, teens will improve their oral fluency and writing in English, with a particular focus on English for high school. They will also gain leadership, teamwork skills and interpersonal communication skills. And eventually, they will increase their self-esteem and sense of responsibility. *The minimum duration is one week and the maximum duration is six weeks. Both language camps include:

  • 20 English lessons per week (4 per day), each lesson lasts 45 minutes
  • Organized training in many sports and cultural, creative and adventure activities
  • Social and tourist activities, cultural events, and excursions (one full day per week and two half-days)
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Medical insurance covering emergencies
  • Housing
  • Accompanied transport from the airport (round trip)
  • Weekly laundry service

Dates and prices

Activities and excursions in addition to English courses for children and teenagers in Vancouver:

Language tours include: trip to Whistler, trip to Victoria (on Vancouver Island), Cultus Lake water park, Stanley Park Aquarium, Granville Island, Grouse Mountain, Science World, Pacific Ocean beaches, shopping malls. On request we can send you the calendar with activities and excursions for each week of the summer. Optional activities (which have an additional cost) include: horseback riding, rafting, zip line, sea kayaking, whale watching, amusement park, etc.

Supervision and security during the language stay for young people in Vancouver:

All leaders and supervisors are young adults. They have degrees to teach the activities they lead and have previous experience with children. All teachers are native speakers and have degrees teaching English to foreign students. Each staff member is trained for first aid. In addition, the camp employs a medical assistant to care for young people who become ill or are under medical treatment. Employees live in the same residence as the students, located in a safe building, ensuring 24-hour supervision. The safety of participants is the number one priority. And the rules and procedures are carefully designed to ensure that all activities are done safely. Everything is also done to make children feel connected and supported from day one. The goal is that they don’t feel nostalgic and make new friends quickly.

Language Camp Facilities in Vancouver:

The summer language camp in Vancouver takes place at the prestigious Simon Fraser University (SFU). It is a 25-minute drive from the city centre. The majority of young people choose accommodation in a university residence, where the rooms are single with shared bathrooms. Meals are served in the campus refectory. For teens aged 13 to 17, accommodation with a Canadian host family is also possible.

Frequently asked questions about hosting during the youth language stay in Vancouver:

Why is the minimum age to live with a host family 13?

Young people who wish to be accommodated in a homestay during the summer must be at least 13 years old. And for the winter language camp, the minimum age is 12 years. The reason is that it is considered that the youngest are not mature enough not to be under continuous supervision. And above all it is not recommended that they take public transport alone. Indeed, teenagers who are staying with a host family must go to the language camp every day on their own. In addition, experience has shown that children under 13 are more likely to be nostalgic and therefore require more attention.

What kind of supervision do host families provide?

Homestays treat young foreigners as members of their families. Young people must therefore also respect the rules of the house and be punctual for meals and with regard to the deadlines of exit. Most of the time both parents work outside the house, so they leave early in the morning and come back in the evening. Teens must therefore be mature enough to stay alone from time to time. In addition, host families are not obliged to provide transportation. Young people must therefore be able to use public transport on their own. And they have to pay for their monthly tickets or cards. Their host will only pick them up on the day of the evening at night, and when the youngsters return late from a full-day excursion.

Where do host families live?

The majority within 20-30 minutes by bus from the campus where the English language camp takes place. On the first day teenagers will be shown the exact route and how to get there.

How are homestays chosen?

An employee of the language school visits all the families who apply to welcome young foreigners. To be selected they must have clean and safe homes, and offer an appropriate atmosphere for a student. They must therefore offer a single or double room with a bed, a desk, and a storage unit for clothes. Not all families always consist of a father and a mother since nowadays there are many families with only one parent. But all of them are suitable for accommodating teenagers.

Do teens who live in homestays participate in night and weekend activities?

Young people who choose home-stay accommodation only participate in English classes and activities/excursions from Monday to Saturday. They do not have access to the campus in the evening, except one evening a week for the weekly party. And they also don’t participate in Sunday activities with teens who live in residences. This is why the price of the program with homestay housing is lower than the price of the residential program. The idea is for young people to socialize with their host families on evenings and Sundays, and also with other students staying in homestays.

What rules must young people follow?

Before leaving for Vancouver, we send a guide that includes a payment. These are basic rules that anyone staying in someone else’s house can expect. For example, the regulation mentions that they must return before a certain time, warn if they will not be there for dinner. They also need to keep their room clean, and use a phone card to make long-distance calls.

Dates and prices

  Language Summer Camp in Vancouver

Language study for young people in Vancouver during the winter

The winter language camp in Vancouver takes place during the month of January. It has been designed especially for teenagers from 12 to 18 years old. It is an ideal program to learn English and enjoy the beautiful Canadian winter in Vancouver. In the morning teenagers take English lessons, from 9am to 1pm, with a break for lunch. There are 15 hours of English lessons per week in total. And in the afternoon and evening they participate in various sports, social and tourist activities. In terms of housing, the language school offers the opportunity to live with a Canadian host family. It provides 3 meals a day. However, teens can stay with their own families if they travel with them, or with friends or someone who will have legal guardianship during their language stay in Vancouver. As with the summer language camp in Vancouver, there is no minimum level of English required. The program therefore accepts teenagers of all levels, from total beginner to confirmed. In addition to English classes, the language camp includes activities and medical insurance. And the complete program (with accommodation) also includes 3 meals per day and the round trip from the airport.

Dates and prices

Summer English Language Camp for Kids and Teens in Whistler

The language course for young people in Whistler has exactly the same organization as the one in Vancouver. Whistler is 120 kilometres north of Vancouver. The area has 2 well-known mountains for skiing, a valley for hiking and cycling. There are also four lakes ideal for the practice of water sports. And in the village there is a medical center, shops, restaurants, cinema, golf, tennis, swimming pool, and much more. English classes for children and teenagers in Whistler take place in the language school located in the village. As for the activities, they take place in various places within the holiday complex. And in terms of accommodation, young people sleep in a modern residence in shared rooms. Meals are self-service buffet. Optional activities include: horse riding, rafting, zip lining, skiing/snowboarding (depending on weather conditions and the level of the camper), paintball, mountain bike ride, etc. These have an additional cost. And excursions include: trip to Vancouver, overnight camping, mountain top walk, local museums, festivals, beach walk, barbecues.

Dates and prices

The language schools that organize these language stays for young people in Vancouver and Whistler are accredited by Languages Canada. This ensures adherence to strict standards and a commitment to applying them.

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