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Want to learn English in England? Receive free expert advice ✓Prices of English courses in England ✓Prerequisites ✓Dates ✓Accommodation (optional) ✓Can I work? You will be able to see here some of the available options and you will surely find the answers to many of your questions. But contact us so that we can send you more details, including program prices.

Where to take accredited English courses in England?

We can advise you to learn English in the following English cities:

English Courses in Brighton, England
English courses in Brighton
English Courses in Cambridge, England
English courses in Cambridge
English Courses in London, England
English courses in London

We also work with language schools to learn English in England in other cities: Eastbourne, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Reading, Southampton, Stratford-upon-Avon. So do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take English lessons in another city. And we will try to find a language academy in the destination of your choice.

What are the prerequisites for foreigners who want to learn English in England?

Visa requirements

The immigration rules for entering the UK are different depending on the applicant’s country of origin. Members of the European Community do not need to apply for a visa to stay in England. And they can study for as long as they want. As for other countries, they all need to get a student visa to take an English course of more than 6 months. And for studies of a duration of less than or equal to 6 months, some are visa-free. While others will have to apply for a short-term student visa before leaving for England. We recommend that you consult the UK Border Agency page. This will help you determine if you will need to obtain a visa to learn English in the UK.

Prerequisites in terms of financial resources

Among the prerequisites for obtaining a short-term study visa, there is evidence of financial resources. Indeed, candidates must prove that they will be able to pay all their expenses during their language stay in England. In general, it is necessary to provide bank statements or pay slips for the last 6 months. Please note that these documents may be provided by a third party who undertakes to pay the student’s expenses.

Prerequisites in terms of Level of English

The language schools in England we work with are organisations dedicated to teaching English to foreigners. The goal is to learn English, so there are no level prerequisites in most schools and for most courses. However, some schools require basic knowledge to be able to enroll. And specialized courses, to prepare for exams for example, usually require a minimum intermediate level. It is possible to join general English courses throughout the year at these schools (practically every Monday). This is an advantage over courses offered at universities that have specific start dates. However, specialized courses, especially those that prepare for the Cambridge exams, start on predefined dates.

Why choose England for your English language stay?

England is often the first country that comes to mind when thinking about learning English. Indeed, it is the country where this language was born and where it is therefore considered the purest. Although there are also many dialects and accents, it is the predominant language in the UK. This ensures that you will find yourself in a situation of total immersion.

Why is England such a good option for foreigners who want to have an English language experience?

One of the most important aspects when choosing a destination to study abroad is security. And it is indeed one of the safest countries for international students. Another very attractive point is the diversity and quality of English courses and schools in England. It is possible to find general lessons as well as lessons that prepare for almost all exams (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE, PET, …). And there are bodies that are responsible for controlling language schools for learning English in England. As far as we are concerned, we only work with schools that are accredited by the “English UK” body. It has very strict rules in terms of the quality of teaching and facilities of language academies. This accreditation is internationally recognized. And finally, England is an extremely attractive destination for its landscapes, culture, museums and history. In addition, the country has many lively and cosmopolitan cities, relatively close to each other. Learn more about England by reading the tourist information.

How much does it cost to stay in England to learn English?

The prices of the lessons are not necessarily the same for all people who register. This is because English schools in England have specific price lists for citizens of certain countries. Some schools with which we have agreements offer for example discounts for the French that can go up to 30% (for certain courses and for certain durations). Language academies may also offer seasonal discounts during certain times of the year. Therefore, please contact us and we will pass on the costs for your language stay, including the prices of English courses in England with or without accommodation. And of course, the cost of your English language stay in England will also be determined by your standard of living. Your consumption habits will therefore also be an important factor. We therefore invite you to inquire about the prices of daily living in the UK.

Can I work while I am taking an English course in England?

Only citizens of a Member State of the European Community can legally work during their studies in England. And for citizens of these countries, some language academies offer programs that allow them to work after English classes in England. For nationals of other countries, this is unfortunately not possible, but there are other countries where they can work while learning English.

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