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Where to take accredited English courses in the United States?

We can advise you to learn English in several American cities:

English Courses in Boston in the United States
English Courses in Los Angeles in the United States
English courses in Los Angeles
English Courses in Miami in the United States
English courses in New York in the USA
English courses in New York
English Courses in San Diego USA
English Courses in San Francisco USA


For the moment we have signed agreements with language schools to learn English in the United States in the cities mentioned above. There are, of course, many other English schools in the United States, including in other cities. And we’re always looking to expand our network of language academies, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you’d like to take courses elsewhere. And we will try to find a school in the American city of your choice.  

What are the prerequisites for foreigners who want to learn English in the United States?

Visa requirements

With a tourist visa it is possible to take a course of up to 20 lessons per week. Indeed, in that case, it is considered that the main reason for the stay is not to study. And so the course can not last more than 3 months. But if you want to take a more intensive English course in the United States, you’ll need to get a student visa (F-1). And before applying, you will need to confirm your admission to the language academy of your choice. You will have to pay part of the school fees (usually around 20%) and send proof of financial resources. Then the English school will send you your letter of admission and an I-20 form. Indeed, it is the school that must do the I-20 procedures on site, but the candidate must of course pay the corresponding fee of 200 $USD. In addition, you will also have to pay the costs of sending the documents by registered mail. Both documents (admission card and I-20) are mandatory in order to apply for a student visa. Once you have received the papers, you will need to make an appointment at a USCIS (U.S.A. Citizenship and Immigration Services) and present them to the immigration officer. The appointment is arranged directly with the U.S.Embassy or Consulate in the country where you reside. Eventually, you will also have to pay the SEVIS fee. We recommend that you read the full list of prerequisites. And you can also consult the pages of the immigration services.  

Prerequisites in terms of Level of English

All the language schools we work with in the United States are organizations that specialize in teaching English to foreigners. People of all levels can therefore register, even beginners who have absolutely no knowledge. Some specialized courses, however, require a minimum level. This is the case, for example, with exam preparation courses, which require a minimum intermediate level. In addition, these English schools accept new students throughout the year. You are therefore not obliged to start English courses in Canada at the beginning of the semester, as is the case in universities. Only specialized courses sometimes have more specific start dates.  

Why choose the United States for your English language stay?

The United States has always been one of the most popular destinations for learning English in immersion. And foreigners choose for various reasons. One of the main motivations is for people who already have a tourist visa. Indeed, it facilitates the steps and allows you to stay in the USA for several months, while taking an English course. The condition is that it is a not too intensive course, as we mentioned. That is, English lessons cannot exceed 18 hours per week. This is explained by the fact that the purpose of the trip is primarily touristic, and learning English is considered a secondary reason. The student visa is only necessary when studies are considered the main reason for the stay. This therefore applies to English courses in the United States that are more intensive or that exceed the validity period of the tourist visa. However, the student visa can be more tedious to obtain, especially for people of certain nationalities. Another reason to go and learn English in the United States is to have family or friends who can host them on site. Indeed, it saves significant expenses and is often a determining point.  

The quality of education

The quality of language schools to learn English in the United States continues to attract people from all countries. There are indeed control and regulatory bodies for English language schools. The most recognized are English USA and ACCET. Membership in its agencies ensures that programs are rigorously controlled and meet quality standards. These are very strict, and apply both to English classes and to the physical facilities of schools. In addition, the high-quality global education system in the USA is another reason why many foreigners want to study there. This particularly applies to those who choose to study at an American college or university after their English course. And English schools in the United States offer PREPARATION COURSES for THE TOEFL and IELTS exams. Passing these exams with a certain percentage makes it possible to enroll in a university program. On the other hand, the majority of language academies in the USA have agreements with certain colleges and universities. And it allows students to register directly after their English course without taking an official exam. And finally, the cultural and geographical diversity that characterizes the United States makes it a fascinating destination to discover. Learn more about the USA by reading the tourist information.  

How much does it cost to stay in the United States to learn English?

Some schools do not apply the same prices for all their students. Indeed, English schools in the United States often offer very interesting promotions for citizens of certain countries. France, for example, is one of these countries. And the French can benefit from discounts of up to 35% for certain courses and for certain durations. In addition, language academies sometimes offer seasonal promotions. So contact us so that we can send you the costs that will apply to your language stay, including the prices of English courses in the United States with or without accommodation. And of course, the cost of your English language stay in the United States will also depend on your consumption habits. Your standard of living will therefore be another important factor. We therefore invite you to inform yourself about the prices of daily life in the USA.  

Can I work while I am taking an English course in the United States?

Unfortunately, foreigners are not allowed to work while they are taking an English course in the United States. Is the possibility of being able to work a determining factor in the choice of the destination of your language stay? In this case, check the list of countries where you will be able to do so.  

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