French Courses and Camps for Kids/Teens in Montreal

Looking for French camps/courses in Montreal for children/teenagers? Receive free expert advice ✓Costs ✓Dates ✓Requirements ✓Hosting (optional). Here you will see some of the available options, but contact us to send you more complete information, including pricing.

French camps in Montreal for children and teenagers

Since 1983 the summer camp with French courses in Montreal for children and teenagers receives young foreigners from more than 40 countries. And It offers them innovative, dynamic and exciting programs. Residential programs are offered from late June to early August. And day-only (non-accommodation) programs are also offered for young people traveling with their parents or staying with relatives. The minimum duration is one week and the maximum duration is five weeks. French camps in Montreal for children and teenagers are divided into 3 sections (by age):

  • Junior for children from 7 to 10 years old, with a supervisor for 5 campers.
  • Intermediate for young people from 11 to 13 years old, with a supervisor for 7 campers.
  • Senior for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old, with a supervisor for 10 campers.

Camp to learn French in MontrealFrench courses in Montreal for foreign children and young people

All classes, excursions, visits and activities are conducted in French, to live a complete linguistic immersion. Indeed, the employees are native speakers and almost always communicate in French with students. The use of the language is encouraged through positive reinforcement.

Dates and prices

French camps in Montreal with accommodation in residence:

The residential language immersion camp is held 7 days a week. It is a complete program that includes French classes in Montreal for children and teenagers, excursions, activities, lodging, meals, transportation*, laundry service, medical insurance and supervision. Students are supervised 24 hours/24 by employees. In effect, they stay in the residences of McGill University, in the center of Montreal. *Transportation to Montreal is not included. Young people are expected to have a certain level of responsibility in their daily actions.

French camps in Montreal without accommodation (day programs):

The day summer camp is originally designed for English speaking students in the area. But it is also a perfect choice for those who come to visit family or friends in Montreal and who are interested in learning French and improving their skills in a fun and exciting environment. And it is also the ideal choice for young people who come on vacation with their families to Montreal. We can recommend high quality language schools for adults in case parents want to take classes while their children participate in the French camp.

Camp with language classes in Montreal for teenagers

All activities, classes and meals are with the campers of the residential program. The schedule of the day program is from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday. Supervision is offered from 8:30am, then children can be delivered from this time. And supervision is provided until 5:30pm*. It is possible to order an earlier delivery (8:00am) and a later pick up (6:00pm) for an additional cost. *Every Wednesday campers participate in full-day excursions. Then there are no formal classes that day and pick up is at 9:00pm (dinner is provided).

Location of the French camp in Montreal for children and teenagers:

The location is very central as it is located on the campus of McGill University. Then you are at the foot of Mont Royal Park and a short walk from many Montreal sights. In addition, it is very close to the metro system, so it facilitates travel around the city to visit the attractions.

Dates and prices

Organization of French camps in Montreal for foreign children and adolescents

Most days are divided into 3 periods. In fact, they are composed of French lessons (whose schedule alternates every week between morning and afternoon), scheduled excursions and on-site activities. Each period is separated by meals, organized games and together. However, on Wednesdays and Sundays there are full-day excursions, and then there are no formal lessons these days. Supervisors are university students who undergo extensive training and who have experience working with young people. Each supervisor is specialized in a specific area of interest (basketball, theater, guitar, etc.) and all have completed first aid courses. They stay in the same residence as the campers.

French classes in Montreal for foreign children and teenagers:

French courses in Montreal for children and young people consist of 3 lessons per day of 55 minutes 5 times a week (15 lessons per week). They are taught by professional teachers (an instructor for 12 students on average, 16 maximum) who have a background in teaching French as a foreign language and who have already worked with young people. The focus of French courses in Montreal for children and young people is on communication. And they are designed specifically for different age groups and their levels (from total to advanced beginner). To enhance the classes, audiovisual equipment is used and bookstores are visited.

Lodging (residential program):

Students are accommodated in mcGill University’s residences.

  • Residences are divided according to the sex and age of young people
  • Bathrooms are semi-private or shared
  • The rooms have single beds (single rooms and some doubles)
  • Bed linen is included but not towels (change of sheets every week)
  • There is a common area for very spacious activities
  • There is security 24 hours / day

Special requests must be made no later than one week before starting the program. And they can’t always be guaranteed.


It is your responsibility to arrange transportation to Montreal. Upon arrival at the airport (or train or bus station), program employees will be there to receive the youth. Transportation to the summer French camp is normally done by private bus (in the case of group arrivals). It can also be by limousine in the case of individual arrivals or in small groups. P.E. Airport Trudeau is located approximately 30 minutes from the camp. For participants in the day program, it is your responsibility to arrange daily transportation to/from McGill University. For excursions within the city, public transport (bus or metro) is used. Indeed, it is the safest, cleanest, easiest and fastest way to get around in Montreal. And for full-day excursions (to Quebec City or Ottawa) campers take a private bus.

Excursions and activities in complement the French courses for children in Montreal:

It is important to note that certain excursions and activities are specific to the age of the campers (junior, intermediate or senior). Examples of excursions: interactive walks in Montreal, Science Centre, Biodome, movie night, Olympic Park, Quebec City tour, McCord museum, Ottawa city tour, labyrinth, Laser Quest, Pointe à Callière, Bowling, La Ronde (amusement park), Montreal Circus, Voile en Voile, Planetarium, Botanical Garden, Mont Royal/Beaver Lake, Shopping, Grevin Wax Museum, St. Oratory Joseph, “Just For Laughs” Festival, Montreal Alouettes football game, Montreal Impact soccer game, beaches, iSaute Trampoline Centre, Montreal Jazz Festival, Jarry Park/Jean-Talon Market, Putting Edge (mini-golf), Insectarium. Examples of activities: Olympics, search game, theme nights, movie nights, sports, talent night, carnival, closing ceremony, arts and crafts (juniors & intermediates), piyamadas Party (juniors), dances (intermediate & seniors). All campers who sign up for a session of at least 2 weeks will participate in an excursion to another city (Quebec City or Ottawa).

Sports activities in addition to the French courses for children in Montreal:

All sports activities are carried out recreationally. So the advisors will teach the general rules and basic skills. However, extensive instruction is not provided in any of the sports.

Optional activities:

Participants of the senior program will have a period of 3 hours per week dedicated to an optional activity. Teens can choose from a variety of events, arts, and sports or music activities specific to the summer in Montreal. Some activities (e.g. concerts, theatre or professional sporting events) have an additional cost. The same program is offered with English courses, and is also offered in the city of Toronto (with different activities and excursions).

Dates and prices

Sites of interest

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