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Summer camps to learn French in Quebec for children and young people

Quebec City is the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking atmosphere.

The French camp in Quebec is offered in the summer for 8 weeks, from mid-June to early August. And they are also offered in the winter for 6 weeks, from early January to mid-February. It takes place on the premises of the Mérici school, so it includes a gym, an aerobics room, a computer lab, an internet cafe, a bookstore, a cafeteria, and a student lounge.

The campus has a very large green area for outdoor sports and recreational activities. In addition, it is located in the center of the city, a walk from beautiful old Quebec. Indeed, this is a UNESCO heritage site and most of the cultural events take place there.

Since 2006 the school receives around 400 participants every summer. All are between 10 and 17 years old*, and come from more than 25 countries.

*If you are looking for a summer program for children, we work with another camp in Montreal that accepts children from 7 years old.

French Camps &; Tours in QuebecCamp to learn French in Quebec


French camps in Quebec include:

  • French lessons (15 hours/week)
  • Art courses or sports training or evening activities (10-15 hours/week)
  • Evening activities
  • Weekend activities
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Health insurance
  • Custody
  • Homestay (3 meals per day) or residence accommodation (3 meals and 1 snack per day)*
  • Transportation between school, accommodation and French camp

*It is also possible to participate in programs without lodging (day camps) if children travel with their parents or stay with friends or family.


Dates and prices


Organization of programs with French courses for children and adolescents in Quebec

French classes in Quebec for children and teenagers:

The schedule of French classes is in the mornings from 8:30am to 11:45am. They take place from Monday to Friday (15 hours per week), and are offered on 7 levels. In addition to studying grammar and phonetics, the focus of the classes, which have between 10 and 15 students, is the development of the four basic language skills: writing, reading, speaking and comprehension.

During the afternoons campers can choose from several options that are pre-selected each week. Some are run by school employees while others are offered in collaboration with local organizations.

Language immersion camp in Quebec for foreigners


Accommodation during French courses in Quebec for foreign children and teenagers:

The summer camp in Quebec offers two lodging options:

  • In residence (located 10 minutes from the school): with this option students participate every night (from Monday to Friday) to organized activities and on weekends to excursions.
  • In homestay (host family): participants who choose this option take part in the evening activities one night per week and in all the excursions organized on weekends. The other nights they stay with their homestay.

Dates and prices


Artistic & Sports French Camps in Quebec

The main program is the one that combines French courses in Quebec for children and teenagers with multi-activities. But the French school in Quebec also offers the following summer camps for foreign teenagers:


Camp to learn French and practice music:

The music part of the program takes place near the French language school, at the conservatory of music in Quebec.

It is a summer camp for young people who already have bases in music. On the first day you will choose the instrument of your preference, your level will be analyzed and you will meet your instructor. Your afternoons will be divided between individual or group instruction and practices. Depending on the number of students registered in the program, presentations can be made when coordinating group preparations.

As far as possible, campers should bring their instrument. You can rent some instruments at the conservatory.


French camp with dramatic art:

This program will allow you to perfect what you have learned in French classes during theater and improvization workshops. It is the perfect opportunity to put the language into practice through acting.


French camp with circus:

With this program, young people spend their afternoons at the Quebec circus school, located inside a restored church. There you will have the opportunity to learn to walk a tightrope, ride a unicycle, jump on a trampoline, etc. And you will be able to put into practice the French skills learned during the lessons, interacting with local young people.


Camp to study French and learn to cook:

Cooking lessons are offered at the same site where the French school in Quebec is located. You will take advantage of workshops provided by professional chefs from the city. You will learn to cook typical dishes of the province of Quebec such as poutine or pudding chômeur.


Camp to learn French and play tennis:

With this option you will spend the afternoons at the Hérisset Bordeleau tennis academy, in the suburbs of Quebec City. There you will be teded the necessary skills to improve your habialities, through both physical and technical training. And you will also have the opportunity to play several matches, under the instruction of highly qualified professionals.

The camper must bring his own tennis racket.


Camp to learn French and horse riding:

By participating in this program that combines French lessons with horse riding, you will head in the afternoons to the Jessy Dufresne equestrian center. There he will enter with Quebec teenagers. There both the classic style and the western style are taught. The center has very complete facilities: a gymkhana circuit, a jumping circuit, and a pavilion. And next door there is a forest with miles of roads.

Campers should wear their own riding boots and helmet.


Camp to learn French and play hockey:

It is a mandatory requirement to have ice skating experience in order to register for this summer camp.

The training is as a team and there are also matches every week. It is a good opportunity to meet local young people who have a passion for Canada’s national sport. And obviously you will also have the opportunity to practice French with them while playing hockey.

Campers have to bring their own equipment (skates, gloves, helmet, etc.). However, it is possible to rent it for an additional cost.


French camp with football:

This program for football fans is based on a team training, together with local teenagers. Then it is a great opportunity to meet Quebecers of the same age who share the passion. And every week matches are organized to put into practice the technique learned.

You are asked to bring your own shoes, socks, pads, etc.


French camp with cheerleading:

Porrism needs physical skills such as flexibility, strength, and coordination. But it’s also a very fun sport. And this camp will allow you to make progress very quickly, thanks to your very qualified, organized and passionate coaches.


Dates and prices


French courses in Quebec for foreign children and teenagersSummer Camp in Quebec


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