German Language Courses in Switzerland

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Where can I take accredited German courses in Switzerland?

We can counsel you if you want to study German in the following Swiss cities:

German language courses in Zurich
German Language Courses in Zurich


At the moment, we only work with one German language school to study German in Switzerland, in the city of Zurich. However, there are other language institutes, including in other cities. So if you are interested in taking German lessons in another part of Switzerland, do not hesitate to contact us and ask. And we will gladly investigate to find a language school to study German in the city of your choice.


What are the prerequisites for foreigners who want to study German in Switzerland?

Visa requirements

If you are a citizen of a country from the European Community, you do not need a visa. Otherwise, if you want to take an intensive German course for more than 12 weeks, you will need a student visa. And ideally, you should obtain the visa before entering Switzerland.

Before you apply for a student visa you need to pay the full price of your study program. In case of visa refusal by the Swiss Embassy, your payment will be refunded, except for the registration fee.

We recommend that you contact the Swiss representation in your country for further information on this subject.


Prerequisites in terms of German level

There are no German level prerequisites, except for a few specialized courses. For example, to take exam preparation lessons, you must have already reached an intermediate or advanced level in order to register.

We only work with language academies that specialize in teaching the German language to foreigners in Switzerland. This is why the language school accept all levels in the majority of the intensive German courses in Switzerland, from total beginner to advanced.

In addition, unlike language programmes at Swiss universities, private German schools offer great flexibility with regard to course start dates.


Why choose Switzerland for your language immersion experience?

The first country that comes to mind when considering traveling to study German in immersion is obviously Germany. Yet, just to the south is Switzerland, and it is also a fascinating destination to learn this Germanic language.


Why is Switzerland such a good option for foreigners who want to have a german language immersion experience?

First of all, the majority of Swiss people speak German. French and Italian are also official languages, but only a minority of the population speak them. In addition, even if you visit an area where French or Italian is spoken, you will still find people with whom to communicate in German. And, as any teacher will tell you, when learning a language it is important to travel to a country where you speak that language. In Switzerland, you will be forced to speak the language all the time, and you will thus significantly improve your level of German.

The German-speaking region extends over the centre, north and east of Switzerland. In any of these areas you will be immersed in the language. As an apprentice in the German language, you should be aware that there are different dialects across Switzerland. Deciphering different vocabularies and accents can be a bit intimidating, even for students with an advanced level. But being exposed to different dialects is a great way to refine the ear. And little by little you will understand the spoken German better.

Furthermore, studying at a German language school in Switzerland will broaden your perspective of German-speaking cultures. Most institutes and colleges in the world focus on German culture because it is the country that is always associated with this language. Nevertheless, there is so much to learn from the Swiss culture. For example, do you know all the popular dishes of local cuisine, such as cheese fondue or risotto saffron? And have you read the books of Swiss authors Herman Hesse or Johanna Spyri?

Learn more about Switzerland by reading the tourist information.


How much does it cost to study German in Switzerland?

Prices for German lessons in Switzerland may vary depending on several factors. First of all, your nationality can affect the cost of courses. Indeed, German-language schools in Switzerland sometimes offer price reductions to people from certain countries (up to 25% discount on certain courses and for certain durations).

On the other hand, language schools sometimes lower their prices at certain times of the year. So the best is to contact us so we send you the current costs for your language stay, including prices for German courses in Switzerland with or without accommodation.

Finally, the cost of your German language stay in Switzerland will depend on your standard of living and your consumption habits. We therefore recommend that you check the prices of daily life in Switzerland.


Can I work during my German studies in Switzerland?

Citizens of European Union member countries have the right to work in Switzerland for up to 15 hours per week while studying. As for citizens of non-European countries, they can only start working part-time after being in Switzerland for 6 months on a student visa. So if you are not a European citizen, you will unfortunately not be able to work legally while you study German in Switzerland for the first 6 months.


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