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Accredited German courses in Zurich

The language school offers the following classes for studying German in Zurich:


Standard German course

This German course in Zurich includes 20 lessons per week (Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:15pm). If you have an elementary level you can start any Monday. But for total beginners there is one start date every month. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes, so there are 16 hours and 40 minutes of class per week, in groups of 12 students maximum.

The lessons are designed to improve your communication skills in different contexts of daily life. Out of the 4 daily lessons, 2 focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. And in the other 2 lessons the focus is on writing, reading, comprehension and conversation. The teacher uses a textbook and his teaching method also includes several other materials and exercises such as: role-plays, magazine and newspaper articles analysis.


Intensive German course

The intensive course includes 30 lessons per week (Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 2:45pm). The German language school in Zurich accepts new students on any Monday as long as they have an elementary level. For total beginners there is a start date every month. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes so there are 25 hours of class per week, in groups of 12 students maximum.

This course concentrates on all the areas necessary to quickly achieve better fluency in German. We recommended this course for people who want to study German in Zurich very intensively and who want to acquire a global knowledge of the language and Switzerland.

The German lessons in the morning are the same as those in the standard course. The afternoon instruction will focus on the practice of oral fluency and on the analysis of the culture and customs of Switzerland. This will strengthen your learning of the German language and consolidate what you have learned in the morning.


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Preparation courses for the official German exams Goethe Zertifikat B2 (GZ) and B1 (ZD)

The German language school in Zurich also offers Goethe Zertifikat exam preparation courses.

These courses have exactly the same schedule as the intensive course (30 lessons per week), but have a set duration of 12 weeks. And there are specific start dates (6 dates per year usually).


Goethe Zertificat

This certificate will allow you to demonstrate that you possess the ability to use German in professional and social contexts.


Zertificat Deutsch

It is an almost universally recognized certificate as it is proof of your language proficiency for professional purposes. It will help you to enter a German university or a polytechnic school. The prerequisite to register for this course is to have an intermediate level of German.


German course in the afternoons (part-time)

This adult program includes 10 lessons of 45 minutes per week (Monday through Friday from 1:15pm to 2:45pm), and focuses on learning the language for everyday life situations.

These German classes in Zurich for foreigners deal with several topics. For example, they can focus on cinema, theatre, latest events, politics, local culture, or the internet.


Dates and prices


Description of the German language school in Zurich

The German academy in Zurich for foreigners is located in a popular area of the city (the Seefeld District). It is 5 minutes walk from the lake and 5 minutes by tram from the center. It is located in a restored building dating from the early nineteenth century, and has 3 floors.

The institute offers diverse social activities to its students, allowing them to discover various aspects of life in Zurich and its surroundings.

During the high season there are up to 70 students studying at the German academy in Zurich. And in low season there are between 40 and 50 students. The main nationalities at the school are: Swedish, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Polish and Czech.


Language school facilities

The facilities include:

  • A lounge where students can relax, with a coffee/chocolate machine, soft drinks, newspapers and tourist information.
  • Free Wi-Fi for those who carry their personal computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • A small internet cafe.
  • A personal study area with computers and bookstore for student use.
  • 9 classrooms.
  • 6 permanent German teachers and 6 other substitutes. All are qualified, experienced and native German speakers.

The language academy is accredited with Eaquals and Privatschulregister.

German language school in ZurichStudy German in Zurich


Other language study options


How much does it cost to have a language immersion experience in Zurich?

Course prices may vary depending on your country of origin. And the good thing is that the German language school in Zurich offers special prices for some foreigners (up to 35% discount). In addition, the time of year in which you decide to make the reservation can also influence the cost. The best is that you contact us so we send you the current costs to experience this language immersion, including prices of German courses in Zurich with or without accommodation.

And obviously, the cost of studying German in Zurich will depend on your standard of living and your spending habits. So we recommend that you should check the prices of daily life in Zurich.

German language courses in Zurich


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