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The programs vary according to destinations. In most cases, language schools offer all-included programs, i.e. summer camps that include language courses, activities, supervision, and full-board accommodation.

Most of the time these are programs with multi-activities, but some schools offer camps focused on specific activities (sports, arts, etc.). There is almost always the possibility of participating only during the day (day camps), in case there is no need for accommodation. For example, if the kid/teenager is travelling with his parents or if he will be staying with family or friends.

And in some destinations it is also possible for children or teenagers to only take language courses (academic programs without activities or housing).

Regarding dates, the vast majority of the programs are offered during the summer, from June to August in general. Indeed, this is the period when almost all young people in the world are on holiday and have free time to travel and experience a language immersion abroad. The demand for this kind of programs is therefore much higher at this time of year and there are more options to choose from. However, some language schools also offer programs during winter months (usually January/February and sometimes also in December). And some schools offer year-round language courses for teenagers. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on this subject.